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Septic System Installation Procedure
1. Obtain the Property Information:
Owner's Name, Address, Phone Number, Block and Lot of the Property, nearest
cross street, and a copy ofthe property Survey

2. Underground Markout:
Required by law, calling for an underground markout before scheduling any
work, including test holes, must be done by the person or company that is performing the work.
Markout takes 3 business days, not including the day called.

3. Scheduling Test Holes:
Test Holes, or Soil Logs, are performed with a backhoe digging to a depth of 10
feet with the Engineer pulling samples of the soil and witnessed by a Member of the Board of
Health to determine the septic system design. The engineer has to follow state guidelines for
placement of the septic system.

4. Approval Letter:
Once the engineer has designed the septic system in accordance with state
guidelines, those plans are submitted to the Board of Health for review. When the plans are
reviewed and approved, the Board of Health mails a Letter of Approval to the property owner.

The entire process takes 3 to 8 weeks from markout to approval letter

Triple J's is fully licensed and insured, with the Advanced Installers License of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems including Infiltrator Systems. We work with the engineers and the Board of Health for planning, design, and permits for the new septic systems.

As of April 2012, the state laws have changed to these upgraded systems. These systems, when routinely maintained, are both efficient and environmentally friendly.

  Here at triple J's Septic Service we use chambers for our disposal fields (leach fields) instead of stone
and pipe. This is newer technology that is approved by the state of New Jersey and the department
environmental protection. The chambers work better because they are open on the bottom half of th
chamber using all the surface area of the soil below. With stone and pipe you are losing the soil area
where the stone is sitting. Most septic failures are because of soil conditions not just improper care
maintenance of the septic tanks.

  We use chambers made by a company called infiltrator. You can find out more information about
chambers and download an owners manual for septic systems at

  We are a licensed installer of chambers by the national environmental health association (NEHA) an
licensed by infiltrator to install their chambers. We are members of the Pennsylvania septage
management association as well as members of NEHA.

  New Jersey requires chamber installers to have an advanced installer license and a license from the
manufacturer of the chambers.

 Check out our pictures of infiltrator systems we have installed.

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